You Can Catch Them Live: Concerts And Appearances

Finding Great Live Music On The Internet
The Internet has opened up many new doors for artists, labels and music fans. Moreover, you can stay in touch with your favorite bands online as well as subscribe to your favorite music venues and online concert sites. The best way to catch a live band that you love is by subscribing to your local music venues on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you should also follow websites like Songkick and Bandsintown online. However, you should also follow your favorite Read the rest of this entry »

Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone, Artists Secrets

Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone, Artists’ Secrets

Do You Want To Know A Secret?
What makes a song special? Moreover, what makes a song memorable, lasting and become part of the fabric of society? There have been millions of songs created since time immemorial. However, only one form of technology has influenced the ages in an unprecedented way. That is the creation of recorded music. If you think about it, much of the songs of the ancient Read the rest of this entry »

Debuting New Music From Your Favorite Artists

Music lover have much to celebrate this year. Many memorable artists are debuting new albums, giving fans something new to enjoy. Check out this list to find out when your favorites are dropping new work.

Alternative rockers The Flaming Lips are ringing in April with their new album, “The Terror.” The Warner Bros-produced album will be released April 1.

The next day, Alkaline Trio will release their next punk-rock album, “My Shame is True.” The New Kids on the Block will also release their next album, “10,” on April 2.

Other April releases include Braid Paisley’s “Wheelhouse,” Paramore’s Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding the Hell Bent Music Video

Kenna is known by many to be one of the most successful and influential faces in the urban alternative rock industry. However, he put out a song a while back accompanied by a music video that, even to this day, people are still talking about. That song was called Hell Bent.

Unfortunately, even with services like, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the music video – or really any music videos in general. Even YouTube has it locked down and the only place I could find it was on iTunes.

I’m going to attempt to save you five bucks by describing it to you so we can best understand and analyze the meaning of the song.

The music video is done entirely in Claymation and, for the most part, features a color scheme consisting of a bunch of grays. A little gray clay man gets in a little gray bus with other gray men and is driven through a gray city where he arrives at his job – assembling glasses that make you see happy things. Through a series of twists and turns, the clay man manages to make a superior product by instilling his own burning flame into the product.

Eventually he is on top of the world and everyone is seeing what they want to see thanks to his burning spirit. Taking a break from counting his money, he notices and realizes that his own flame has gone out.

Many people have interpreted the song and the music video to be allegorical to the death of both the human spirit and the dream. How our society bends and twists you into either being a winner or a loser (thanks, capitalism) and, at the end of the day, there is simply no room for dreamers.

Whatever the message actually happens to be, it has certainly succeeded in capturing our attention and imagination. Even several years later.

Music Trivia: How Much Do You Really Know?

There are lots of shows that appeal to people that want to sing or dance. Some of these shows really break down the lyrical structure and study the words, but how much music trivia do people really know? It turns out that there are not many shows that really go over music trivia. Thankfully, there are shows that analyze the life of the artists. This is how most music fans find out how certain music was made.

The TV One network has a Read the rest of this entry »

Say Cheese! Artists’ Personal Pics And Candid Photos

The more popular the artist, the more that their lives become a ‘target’ for camera and picture selling individuals. Photographers that deal in the media know that the better the picture, the more money given for it. With telephones, hand-held devices, spy-glasses, and spy-cameras in existence more artists have found their embarrassing moments, or unusual face expressions being misinterpreted by the media and society. Artists have learned that any time they are in public, they are ‘fair game,’ for those unscrupulous photographers just wanting to make a buck.

Then there are Read the rest of this entry »

Artists Spotlight: Who’s Doing What, When, & Where

The spotlight on music artists today is filled with lots of artists from the United Kingdom. America still has some wonderful talent, but there is a worldwide appeal that is greater than ever before.

Adele and Marsha Ambrosius have really made a big impact on the music industry today. They have become big pop and R&B stars. Beyonce is also topping the charts. There are so many artists that are making waves like never before.

Music sales were once down, but they are going back up thanks to iTunes. Get Read the rest of this entry »

Fierce New Artists Emerging On The Musical Landscape

New artists are always popping up on the musical landscape. There always has to be somewhere for new artists to emerge. The established artists have to move over and make way for the new ones. This year one of the best ones to emerge is Big Sean. It is not exactly the same as the rest of the Kanye West roster,, but he is a has become one with mainstream appeal. Wiz Khalifa is also an emerging artist that has gained mainstream success.Didn‰Ûªt catch that? This explains it. He has not been around long, but he has already gained respect from veterans like Snoop Dogg and other west coast artists. The new musical landscape is growing in leaps and bounds in the rap world. Lots of new artists will often break from bigger groups and become known as new solo artists. This is the case with British artist Marsha Ambrosius., She was originally a part of Floetry, but she went solo. This caused her to get lots of nods for best new artist. The musical landscape is diverse. There is a little room for everyone. Newcomers like Victoria Justice are also breaking ground. She has actually parlayed a great music career through her “Victorious” sitcom.